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Introducing OvuFirst™ – the most accurate skin worn fertility monitoring solution

Today we announce the launch of OvuFirst™, a completely unique patented sensor designed to measure skin temperature, providing women with an understanding of when to try and conceive naturally. This can also help determine if there may be any underlying issues in trying to conceive.

Fertility Focus, the manufacturers of the OvuCore™ and OvuSense Pro™ add OvuFirst™ to their family of leading fertility monitoring solutions that have class II medical device classification and 510k FDA clearance. OvuSense™ fertility monitoring family now supports couples from their first months of trying to conceive right the way through to monitoring clinical treatment.

OvuFirst™ is targeted at women who wish to monitor their ovulation and cycles in a convenient, non-invasive way by wearing the clinically-proven sensor on the arm or wrist overnight.

OvuFirst™ confirms a woman’s fertile window with over 90% accuracy even if she has irregular cycles, making it the most accurate skin-worn sensor on the market. The OvuSense App™ then uses this information to provide women with a full 8-day fertile window at the start of their next cycle.

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    Fertility treatment options

    If you have received a fertility diagnosis then you probably have a good idea of what treatment you might need to help you to conceive. However, if you have only recently discovered that you are having a problem, then why not use the ask a question feature and our team will direct you as to which fertility treatment options that you should investigate.

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    In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is an assisted reproduction technique that helps couples overcome infertility issues.

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    Egg freezing

    There has been a dramatic improvement in the technique of egg freezing since the introduction of ‘Vitrification’ – the fast freezing of eggs.

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    For some women that are suffering with infertility the cause may be an incapable womb or that they have had a hysterectomy.

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    IVF with donor eggs or sperm

    For some couples, their only chance of achieving pregnancy could be with the use of either a donor egg or with donor sperm.

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    Embryo testing

    With advances in genetic testing, there are a number of procedure such as Pre Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), Pre Implantation Genetic Screening and Pre Implantation Tissue Typing (PTT) that may help your chances of a successful pregnancy.

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    IUI is an assisted reproduction technique that places sperm directly in to the womb, in the hope that it swims to meet an egg and fertilizes. The process only takes about 10 minutes and is a painless procedure. The prepared sperm is inserted directly in to the womb via a catheter.

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