Beat Infertility seminar schedule

Resolve, the leading US infertility charity spearheads the campaign for National Infertility Awareness Week. It is running all of this week until Saturday 25 April 2020. Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples and it is time to change the conversation! This week is an opportunity to share your experiences and raise your concerns. Please get in touch and tell us how we can help you. We have been working on a number of new initiatives, so stay tuned for some exciting developments this week to help you achieve your family.

The Fertility Hub is the media partner for The Beat Infertility National Virtual Summit, which is running right through until Saturday 25 April. There are 10 expert speakers today, so please see the schedule below and secure your FREE place here.

Monday 20 April

8am – Affording Third Party

How to receive a benefit through your surrogacy/egg donor agency and plan financially for your third-party fertility journeys with the help of highly trained, professional and specialized coaches along with online content. Once you’ve secured the finances to cover your fertility journey, choosing an escrow fund manager that will fully secure your investment while allowing you to see all of the disbursements/payments associated with your cycle in real time on a HIPAA-compliant and fully transparent platform is critical.

Denise Steele, Seed Trust & Seed Coach Fertility Financial Guidance

9am – Autoimmune Disorders

A review of autoimmune disease prevalence and the effects of common autoimmune diseases on female infertility, male infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. Options for fertility preservation as well as current recommendations for individuals with autoimmune disease planning for pregnancy will be discussed.

Dr. Ellen Hayes, Vios Fertility Institute

10am – Embryology (Embryo Optimization, Laboratory Techniques)

Sperm preparation/selection techniques (SPAR purification for HIV, gradient, Zymot, PICSI). Egg Treatments (calcium ionophore), IVF versus ICSI (fertilization, blast rate, live birth rate). Hatching and biopsy on day 3 or day 5, transfer at day 3 or day 5, freeze all versus fresh transfer. Embryo and egg vitrification. Retained embryo at transfer.

Dr. Carol Curchoe, ART Compass

11am – Fertility Awareness Checkup

The Fertility Awareness Checkup (coined by Fertility Centers of Illinois) is a check-up for both men and women that can give them important knowledge about their fertility. Dr. Rodgers tells listeners what the check-up tests are, how to read those results and for how long the test lasts.

Dr. Allison Rodgers, Fertility Centers of Illinois

12 noon – Financial Planning

Creative ways to fund your family-building journey.

Nicole Witt, MBA, The Adoption Consultancy

1pm – Gestational Surrogacy

Dr. Sheeva Talebian, CCRM NY

2pm – IUI

What is an intrauterine insemination? What steps need to be taken to prepare for an insemination cycle? How successful are they and how might it weigh in as a treatment option?

Dr. Sabrina Gerkowicz, IVFMD

3pm – Latest Advances in Reproductive Medicine

Androgen (DHEA) treatment for egg quality, DFI, ERA Testing, hCG, asprin, endometrial scratch, Lovenox Injections, freezing ovarian tissue, spindle nuclear transfer, Embryoscope and Artificial Intelligence.

Dr. Carol Lynn Curchoe, ART Compass

4pm – LGBTQ

Family Building Options for LGBTQ

Dr. Ryan Martin, Shady Grove Fertility

5pm – Yoga for Fertility

Learn the 4 key reasons why yoga is the ideal exercise for the fertility journey. Learn which yoga styles are best for fertility and how different poses are thought to affect the physical body. How to create a personal yoga practice you can stick with and use safely throughout your fertility journey. You will learn how to optimize the mind/body connection to improve how your body responds to stress.

Tamara Quinn BS RYT co-founder, Pulling Down the Moon

Don’t worry if you can’t watch them in real time, once registered you can access each of the presentations for 6 months after the event! Please click here to gain access.