Within the modern walls of atlasCARE IVF in Georgia, our approach to treatment for infertility centres around providing unsurpassed care to patients on an individualized basis.

  • High success for surrogacy IVF: 85% for surrogates under 29
  • Low cost surrogacy: $30,000 USD including SM compensation, lawyer fees and contracts delivery
  • Low cost IVF: $2,500 USD

Our team has the full range of infertility technologies and treatments available to provide you with the safest, most effective personalised treatment plans.

The atlasCARE fertility clinic is run by experts in the field of reproductive medicine who are world-renowned for their success, compassion and commitment to each intended parent that seeks fertility treatment in Tbilisi or Batumi.

The most popular treatments we offer to our patients are:

  • Surrogacy
  • Surrogacy with egg donation
  • Surrogacy with embryo donation
  • IVF with Egg Donation
  • IVF with Embryo Donation
  • IVF with PGD

Your time in Georgia for surrogacy utilising your own eggs and sperm:

Option 1: If you want to be in Georgia from the beginning to the end of your hormonal stimulation process, then you will need to be in Georgia on day 2 or 3 of your menstrual period and stay for about 12 days depending on your egg development

Option 2: You can start the treatment in your home country and come to Georgia for a shorter time (approx. 6 days). You need to be in Georgia on day 8 of your cycle after you start the injections.

Note: Male partner need stay for only 2 days to deposit his sperm.


The modern, high-class southern capital of Batumi, in the province of Adjara, Georgia, personifies all the charm of a southern city and a sea resort. With a backdrop of gorgeous hills, Georgia’s most famous summer city has an elite list of new hotels and attractions.

Batumi developed in the late 19th century and quickly rose to prominence, and is now considered a fashionable resort at the southern tip of what was once the old Russian Empire. It is also a hub of commerce. A visit to Batumi Old Town, with its tempting dining, glitzy casinos and eclectic nightlife, will provide you with stylish surroundings, fashionable hotels, and astonishing cuisine.

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We understand that infertility is a complex condition that can be very frustrating, but knowledge is power and we encourage you to get in touch and ask us for advice. If you need specific medical advice then we will happily put you in touch with one of our reliable healthcare partners.

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