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The Genesis Group is a full-service Egg Donor and Surrogacy agency. We specialise in searching for hard-to-find egg donors. Our mission is to assist the Prospective Parents, Surrogates and Egg Donors with every aspect of the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process. We understand the complexity and coordination hurdles of the process, as well as the emotional struggle that our clients, egg donor and surrogates experience. The clients we work with come from a diverse background. Our mission is to facilitate the right match for our Egg donors and Surrogates. We are here to help the Egg Donor and Surrogate through every step of the process.

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We understand that infertility is a complex condition that can be very frustrating, but knowledge is power and we encourage you to get in touch and ask us for advice. If you need specific medical advice then we will happily put you in touch with one of our reliable healthcare partners.

Our service is free of charge, so please reach out to us today!