Infertility patients encouraged to share their experiences

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), an annual campaign organised by RESOLVE, the national infertility association of the USA.

The campaign aims to:

  • Raise public awareness about infertility and the issues that surround it
  • Encourage grassroots advocacy
  • Help couples cope with infertility.

The week provides a platform for those with infertility to step forward into a supportive atmosphere to highlight their plight with no shame or stigma.

NIAW is important

Infertility is a frequently misunderstood condition. Many couples face this challenge alone and report feelings of isolation. This event is so important to give couples a voice and for the mainstream media to highlight the condition. It is also a fantastic opportunity to highlight male infertility and quash the rumours that infertility is a female problem. Almost half of all infertile couples have to deal with male factor infertility.

There is no simple answer to infertility

Infertility is a complex condition, which can be attributed to either the female or the male partner or a combination of both. There are steps couples can take to improve their chances such as improving diet and exercise but ultimately infertility will require medical intervention and some form of assisted reproduction therapy. It is important to realise that if after 12 months of unprotected sex no pregnancy is occurring, then you must seek medical help.

NIAW helps the public understand that the answer to infertility is not simple. The decision to undergo ART signals the start of what is often a difficult journey and not necessarily a cure.

With infertility affecting one in eight couples, it’s likely that everyone has at least one friend or family member living with infertility. And this is who NIAW aims to help: when the general public understands infertility better, fertility challenged couples will be freer to talk about their condition and receive more support.

Let’s get reel about IF

Today’s theme is #letsgetreelaboutIF, patients are encouraged to post videos or make a TikTok to share what it is like to live with infertility, life without children, adoption, 3rd party and/or non-traditional family building. So please share what you would like everybody to know about your experience. You can post on our social media platforms or email them to us to publish on your behalf.

For more information of how to get involved please click here. The Fertility Hub proudly supports the initiative and will have relevant news coverage throughout the week.