Let’s talk balls!

Me, My Brother and Our Balls, is a BBC3 documentary that explores some aspects of male fertility. It takes a brave man to talk openly about intimate issues like testicular cancer and male infertility. This programme throws light into a dark and gloomy room that rarely sees the sun. It features Love Island star Chris Hughes and his brother Ben. Me, My Brother and Our Balls is a personal journey of the siblings exploring their fertility.

Raising awareness on testicular cancer

It all started when Chris was keen to raise awareness of testicular cancer and appeared on television having a testicular examination. He didn’t realise that his appearance would have a serious impact so close to home. His brother Ben, after watching it, decided to have his own examination. A lump was found, and he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Prior to having the cancerous testicle removed Ben wanted to freeze his sperm. However, it transpired that his sample contained no sperm whatsoever, which was devastating for him.


Chris has also had his own fertility challenges.  He suffered with varicoceles, a testicular vein condition when he was younger. The reality star underwent three operations to deal with the condition and he has also made the decision to freeze his sperm.

Chris Hughes star of Love Island felt guilty for having better fertility than brother Ben.

This wise and insightful documentary follows the two brothers as they embark on a shared journey to discover the implications of male fertility. This was a challenge for them personally and for other men watching. We encounter them chatting to their friends down the local pub about male infertility. We follow them as they meet leading experts for a step-by-step guide to sperm. It also shows how infertility affects masculinity from a GB Olympic rower.

Honest portrayal of male sexual health and fertility

Most of all, it forces us all to consider how fertility struggles have such a major effect on those around us. It’s not just on the individual male, but his family and their partners in the long term. Viewers and fellow celebrities heaped praise on Chris and Ben for their honest portrayal of fertility and male sexual health.

Taking to Twitter, Springwatch presenter Megan McCubbin said, “Huge respect to Chris Hughes and his brother, Ben, for their honest and thought-provoking documentary on male fertility. It’s so important everyone feels comfortable talking about these topics! #MeMyBrotherandOurBalls.”

Mario Falcone, The Only Way is Essex tweeted, “What a fantastic show, very brave and will help so many men. Check your balls chaps #MeMyBrotherandOurBalls.”

One viewer, who was typical of many said, “Chris and Ben Hughes, take a bow. Men’s testicular health and fertility are overlooked so often. So, to be that vulnerable and honest on camera will help so many men and their partners.”

However, at the end of the documentary Chris confessed that he felt guilty about his fertility as a single man, which was improved as a result of three operations.

He explained, “I just think it’s so unfair that I was given the good news that I have healthy, active sperm. Now that I’m single it feels kind of wasted because you’ve got a couple in Ben and Olivia who are so ready to make that commitment. It just feels that life is unfair.”

You can watch Me, My Brother and Our Balls here on the BBC iPlayer.