Mother’s Day 2020

Mother’s Day 2020


Today should be a celebration of family life,

But that’s all on hold, as COVID19 is rife.


No family gathering, no sharing of a meal,

COVID19 is a big deal!


Some grieve for mother’s lost before,

Today the pain feels so much more.


Others for the child they can’t conceive,

Making the current situation harder to believe.


Many are sad as they can’t visit their Mum,

To do so would be far too dumb.


Let love be present in your home,

Resist the urge to go and roam.


Have eyes to see those in need,

Do what you can as a good deed.


Have lips to speak, stay in touch

In isolation this means so much.


Have ears to listen to others plight,

Let’s pull together in this unknown fight.

©The Fertility Hub