The Fertility Hub produce a regular podcast, Inside Her Information. This podcast series interviews experts and patients in the field of fertility to help you understand the many options available to you when you are trying to conceive.

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Season 2 has now launched!

Inside Her Information – Episode 1 – Could undiagnosed Endometriosis be the cause of Unexplained Infertility?

In this episode, host Veronica Montgomery talks to Dr. Bruce Lessey MD, Phd about his research and his discovery of BCL6 markers in women with unexplained infertility, implantation failure and recurrent IVF failure. They discuss how Endometriosis can be present in some women who experience no symptoms and how Dr. Lessey created a test to determine if Endometriosis is the underlying cause.

Inside Her Information – Episode 8 – Understanding egg donation

In this episode host Veronica Montgomery speaks to Wendie Wilson Miller, Founder of Gifted Journeys an egg donation agency in California. Wendie is also co-founder of the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS). This is a national non-profit organization that provides an educational resource to egg donation and surrogacy industry professionals to promote ethical industry practices.

Inside Her Information – Episode 7 – Using a sperm donor and becoming an author

In this episode, host Veronica Montgomery talks to children’s author JR Silver about his incredible journey to parenthood to two donor conceived children through sperm donation.  His incredible tale  has now transpired into a book series, Sharing Seeds. Both books are brilliantly illustrated with beautiful wordings for children to understand their creation through assisted reproduction.

Inside Her Information – Episode 6 – Egg donation and surrogacy

In this episode. host Veronica Montgomery talks to Wendie Wilson Miller, Founder of Gifted Journeys, an egg donation agency and President of All Families Surrogacy.

To mark Pride month and the family building options for LGBTQ+ couples, Wendie and Veronica talk about using both donor eggs and using a surrogate. They discuss the impact of Covid-19 and how this sector of assisted reproduction is thriving again as more people get vaccinated.

Inside Her Information – Episode 5 – Our Cervix Says

In this episode. host Veronica Montgomery talks to Vicky Say,  Author of the blog series, Our Cervix Says.

Veronica & Vicky chat about life, love and the mental health aspects of PCOS. We have all struggled during the pandemic, but Vicky took herself to some dark places to really get to the bottom of her PCOS diagnosis and what that really means to her.

If you think you are alone in dealing with PCOS, think again as we are with you to offer support. Let’s talk about PCOS and mental health!

Inside Her Information – Episode 4 – NIAW 2021 #WhatIwantyoutoknow

In this episode, host Veronica Montgomery interviews Dr. Sindy Rojas from Panama Fertility to discuss the topic of What I want you to know. Dr. Rojas explains when infertility patients should reach out for help and what it is like to undergo IVF treatment in Panama.

Inside Her Information – Episode 3 – Sperm Quality

In this episode, host Veronica Montgomery speaks to Dr. Fatin Willendrup from ExSeed about male infertility and sperm quality. They talk about male factor, testing sperm quality at home and what can done to improve sperm quality. This podcast is useful for couples when they make the decision to start a family and also for those who already know that male factor is affecting their efforts to get pregnant.

Inside Her Information – Episode 2 – Ovulation

All fertility journey’s start with ovulation! In this episode host Veronica Montgomery speaks to Rob Milnes, CEO of Fertility Focus to discuss ovulation. Fertility Focus manufacture the Ovusense ovulation monitoring kits. They talk about all the options available to monitor ovulation and how to pinpoint the exact moment of ovulation each month. With latest research and technology this podcast will help those who have just made the exciting decision to start a family and will also be useful for those in the TTC community who have been trying for some time.

Inside Her Information – Episode 1 – Surrogacy

In this first episode Veronica talks to Carey Flamer-Powell of All Families Surrogacy about the path to parenthood for intended parents using a surrogate. You can listen to the podcast via your favourite app.

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