NIAW 2020 starts today!

Resolve, the leading US infertility charity spearheads the campaign for National Infertility Awareness Week. This year, it starts today, Sunday 19th April and runs until Saturday 25 April 2020. The theme this year is ‘Changing the Conversation’ and over the course of this week that is exactly what we are doing!

The Fertility Hub has been working hard behind the scenes speaking to our many healthcare partners to see what can be done to help you on your journey to parenthood. Throughout the week we will be unveiling some real conversation changing initiatives, so please check our news every day this week. If you haven’t already done so, then please sign up for our patient newsletter here.

Infertility is a painful condition both mentally and physically. We understand it’s challenges and how frustrated and upset you are with treatments currently suspended. The global pandemic of COVID19 is not only a health emergency but also a financial one, so we hope some our plans will help ease the burden.

We are also proud to be the media partner for this free 7-day infertility summit. Beat Infertility, an infertility podcast provider and coaching program are staging the event covering all paths to parenthood. They provide a community of support for fertility.

The Beat Infertility National Virtual Summit kicks off today at 8.00am EST. There are 10 expert speakers today, so please see today’s schedule below and secure your FREE place here.

Sunday 19 April

8am – Adoption

Post Adoption Depression: Yes, it’s a Real Thing! Why it’s so important to be aware of the symptoms and know when to seek treatment.

Faith Donohue, MSW, LCSW


9am – Affording Treatment

What is Baby Quest? Why did it start? How can I apply for a grant and join the Baby Quest family?

Pamela Hirsch, Baby Quest Foundation

10am – Childfree

One woman’s story of saying no more treatments. A teach on courage, empathy, and how to thrive in, through and after infertility – no matter the ending you get.

Justine Froelker, JBF Therapy & Coaching LLC

11am – Choosing a clinic

Dr. Uhler will be going over several important factors every patient should consider when choosing a fertility clinic. From initial consultations to viewing success rates, she encompasses everything a patient needs to know.

Dr. Meike Uhler, Fertility Centers of Illinois

12 noon – Preimplantation Genetic Testing

Defining PGT. Reviewing the process. Discussing pros and cons and factors that should influence the decision about whether to do PGT.

Dr. Mary Ramie Hinckley, RSC Bay Area

1pm – Endometriosis

Navigating the endometriosis journey from a patient perspective; including infertility.

Tara Hilton, The Yellow Cape Inc

2pm – Environmental Toxins

Discussing a variety of environmental exposures that could potentially have adverse reproductive consequences, while dispelling myths. Sharing what is manageable and in our control when it comes to the environment.

Dr. Amber Cooper, Vios Fertility Institute

3pm – Genetic Counselling

This session will focus on providing genetic counselling via telephone. It will include a discussion of best practices for providers and tips for patients on how to best be prepared for their session.

Sheila Johal, CGC, Copper Genomics

4pm – Navigating Infertility in the Workplace

Dealing with infertility can be physically, emotionally and financially traumatic. The stress alone can affect your job performance. If you are dealing with infertility you will need all the resources and support you can get, especially from your workplace.

Peter Nieves, CCO, WIN Fertility

5pm – Male Factor Infertility

Integration of reproductive urology evaluation and treatment in the overall care of the couple struggling to conceive.

Dr. Paul Shin, Shady Grove Fertility

To secure your spot at the free Beat Infertility National Virtual Summit please click here.