Reader Offer – Pearl Ovulation Kit

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What does it do?

It is a combination of a fertility testing kit together with a fertility app. It tracks and charts hormones during the menstrual cycle, allowing users to pinpoint the ovulation date with precision.


Ovulation prediction methods have been typically based on ovulation symptoms. These include basal temperature, cervical fluid observations, and simply counting cycle days, but not on the actual ovulation triggers.

Ovulation tests have developed on lateral flow immunoassays with more light shed onto the actual date of ovulation. These tests are not only confusing, but have made people think that a positive result means high fertility. In reality, a positive ovulation test only means that the hormones are high and ovulation is imminent.

The fertile window opens 6 days before ovulation due to the extended survival time of the sperm and survival of the egg. The Pearl Fertility Kit in combination with the Pearl Fertility App tracks and charts hormones during the cycle. This helps to pinpoint the ovulation date with precision well in advance, allowing for catching those fertile days.

The Pearl Fertility Kit includes tracking of the hormones responsible for ovulation: LH (luteinizing hormone), FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), and also progesterone in some kits. These hormones are charted over time to predict and confirm ovulation.

It is a safe way to track fertility each cycle and easy to use.

The system works by exposing the test strips in the Pearl Kit to first morning urine and snapping a picture of the test strip result. The Pearl App then shows a personalized fertility prediction. This is based on the hormonal profile of the user, and charts the hormonal levels throughout the cycle.

Every woman is unique and so is her cycle. Pearl also works for irregular cycles and for cycles, which are shorter than usual. The App provides information on the most fertile days and gives users an overview of their fertile window in advance.

Compared to other fertility tracking methods, Pearl combines traditional OPK methods with science. These digital analytics give the most accurate cycle tracking and period calculation available.

No more squinting at lines or interpreting digital smiley faces! And a Pearl kit includes 15 tests for LH and 15 test strips for FSH, and also comes with two free pregnancy tests.

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