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When you are trying to conceive you need to understand and track your ovulation cycle. That way you won’t miss the window of opportunity when you’re fertile each month. There are a number of different ways to monitor your ovulation and some are more accurate than others. Today, we are taking an in depth look at OvuSense and are really excited to unveil their new OvuSense Pro.

How does it work?

Checking your core body temperature (CBT) is a way to predict when you ovulate and has helped women thousands of women get pregnant. During ovulation, your body releases the hormone progesterone. Within a day or two this causes a slightly raised temperature of around 0.5 degrees Celsius a day or two later. Normally the temperature then stays higher until the next cycle begins. And if you become pregnant during that cycle, your temperature will stay up beyond that. That half of a degree difference may not seem like much, but it is crucial. Therefore, it is ESSENTIAL that the temperature readings are accurate. It is best to take temperatures vaginally as the mouth can be subject to temperature changes.

More than just a thermometer reading

CBT is one of the most accurate indicators of ovulation. However, it is not just elevations in temperature that are important, but the pattern of temperature changes. These changes can tell your fertility doctor all kinds of useful information about your unique cycle. It goes without saying, though, that that kind of analysis needs lots of accurate temperature readings taken over a long period of time. That’s why it’s much easier if a device can do it all for you!

Enter OvuSense and OvuSense Pro

OvuSense is a simple, convenient and accurate way of keeping track of your CBT that has some clear advantages over other technologies:

  • Accuracy and predictive value: OvuSense has a clinically proven positive predictive value of 96% for informing you 24 hours in advance when you are going to ovulate, with 99% accuracy for confirming the date of ovulation
  • High levels of data collected: OvuSensecollects data overnight while you are sleeping. It takes readings every five minutes to give an accurate picture of the all-important pattern of your temperature readings

OvuSense Pro now goes the extra step to share that data with your fertility doctor. It analyses your cycle patterns and aids diagnosis of any potential ovulation issues and future pregnancy complications. OvuSense comes with a sensor, which fits comfortably in your vagina like a tampon. Simply insert the OvuSense sensor before going to sleep. Once in place it will measure your core body temperature every five minutes. And don’t worry, with no radio waves transmitted from within your body, it is completely safe to use. In the morning all you have to do is download the data in the sensor to the OvuSense app installed on your phone.

The OvuSense medical device predicts your monthly ovulation window with unrivalled accuracy. It allows you to track your progress and monitor the impact of medication, diet and supplements. With the launch of Ovusense Pro you can now share that information with your healthcare professionals and gives unique insights not available to any other ovulation monitoring system.

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