Reproductive Medicine for Primary Care

Four the UK’s leading fertility experts have come together to host a virtual seminar for their primary care colleagues.

Mr H Borase, Mr H Bhandari, Mr Y Jeve and Mr G Kalra have put together a comprehensive module of reproductive health study designed for GPs and practice nurses in the primary care setting.

Learning objectives:

  1. To provide a tailored educational programme to primary care clinicians of the most efficient ways to care for individuals with fertility problems.
  2. To educate primary care clinicians of the common problems affecting fertility and their role in assessment of and advice to individuals with fertility problems.
  3. To provide confidence to primary care clinicians to discuss fertility implications of commonly encountered gynaecological conditions on fertility and to undertake assessment and referral of individuals wishing alternative families.
  4. To provide a platform for the primary care clinicians to network with specialists in reproductive medicine at a national level and an opportunity to be involved in multi-centre studies.
  5. To help the primary care clinicians who wish to enhance their special interest in the field of reproductive medicine.
  6. To achieve a common language across the board, develop a strong partnership between primary, secondary and tertiary care clinicians and work hand in hand to reduce the inequalities amongst the care pathways for the sub fertility patients.

Session one

Anatomy and Physiology of the reproductive system – Himanshu Borase

Reproductive Endocrinology – Yadav Jive

Session two

An overview of infertility – Harish Bhandari

Life-style and reproductive health – Devasree Mitra

Session three

Fertility problems: Assessment and advice in primary care and referral pathways – Himanshu Borase

Evaluation and management of ovulation disorders – Gurpreet Kalra

Session four

Endometriosis and fertility – Harish Bhandari

Tubal factor infertility and management options – Yadava Jeve

Session five

Uterine causes of infertility and management options – Gurpreet Kalra

Role of Ultrasound in Infertility – Garima Srivastava

Session six

An overview of Male factor infertility – Professor Sheena Lewis

Treatment options for male infertility – Uma Gordon

Session seven

What is Assisted Reproductive Technology and Updates – Nikhil Patravali

Embryological aspects of ART – Alpesh Doshi

Session eight

Modern ways to parenthood – Jane Stewart

Gamete preservation – Ephia Yasmin

Session nine

Gamete Donation Updates – Saghar Kasiri

Alternative therapies – Barbara Scott

Session ten

Role of HFEA – Rachel Cutting

Patient experience – Kate Brian

This seminar has been recorded in 10 sessions so you can watch as and when time permits. The event is worth 16 CPD points. Please click here for more information and registration. The event will be available to stream from April 24 2021.