Sharing Seeds – Children’s book series review

One kind father has dedicated his journey to parenthood to his wife and children through a children’s book series. JR Silver was recently interviewed for our podcast series Inside Her Information. He and his wife travelled a long way to achieve their family in terms of everything that could go wrong, do for this poor couple. But despite their challenges he has found the strength and courage to produce a beautiful children’s book series entitled Sharing Seeds.

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The book series is beautifully illustrated to engage the younger reader. The first book, Sharing Seeds: A donor sperm story for Mummy, Daddy and Children is reviewed here.

Focus on single mothers

In the second book, JR Silver has focussed on women who decide to go it alone through assisted reproduction. The book starts out describing the lady who lives alone in her house with her dog and drives to work each day in her yellow car with a smile on face. But deep down this lady is sad.

The lady really wants to be a Mummy. With childlike simplicity the book then explains how to make a baby. It’s a very simple process, you just mix the Mummy’s eggs with a man’s seeds. Then that embryo grows in the Mummy’s tummy until it’s big enough to come out as a baby.

No partner

The problem for this lady is that she didn’t have a man to provide the seeds to make her baby. The book then shows her with her grandma explaining how sad she is and her dilemma. The lady knew she had enough love and strength to look after her baby, so she spoke to another friend and then decided to visit a baby doctor.

The baby doctor knew some kind men who donated their seeds for ladies who wanted to make babies. The book explains how the baby doctor then mixed the eggs with the seeds and then puts them in the Mummy’s tummy. After 9 months, the Mummy finally gets her long awaited and much loved baby.

The book concludes with Mummy reading to her child and describes the mother and child’s happy life together.

Donor conception

The books are beautifully written to tackle the sensitive subject of donor conception with children. The subject is handled with love and care in a language that a child aged 3 and up will happily understand.

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