Sharing Seeds children’s book series

One man has taken his fertility journey to a new level helping children understand assisted reproduction. JR Silver was recently interviewed for our podcast series Inside Her Information. His journey to becoming a parent was tinged with incredible sadness and many pitfalls along the way. But despite the incredible challenge, he has found the strength and courage to produce a beautiful children’s book series entitled Sharing Seeds.

Listen to the podcast here.

With lovely illustration, the first book Sharing Seeds: A donor sperm story for Mummy, Daddy and Children starts with a magical freezer where two babies lived. The story goes on to explain how there was a Mummy & Daddy who were sad because they wanted children but weren’t having any luck.


With childlike simplicity, natural conception is covered explaining how you mix Mummy’s eggs with Daddy’s seeds. Whilst Mummy had good eggs, Daddy had bad seeds, so the story introduces the baby doctor. This in turn leads to the baby doctor knowing men who would donate their seeds to help the couple have a baby.

The baby doctor mixing the eggs and seeds, then puts them in his magic freezer. Then the process of implantation is covered with the baby boy all warm and well fed in Mummy’s tummy. We follow the arrival of this baby boy and him growing up until he misses the other baby in the magic freezer.

Donor conceived siblings

Mummy & Daddy return to the baby doctor and get the baby girl out of the magic freezer. The book concludes with a happy ever after and the suggestion that when the children grow up, maybe they too might want to donate eggs or seeds.

There is now a second book, which we’ll review next month. That covers single women who have had donor conceived children.

The books are a real inspiration to tackle the difficult subject of donor conception with children. The subject is handled with love and in a language that a child aged 3 and up will happily understand.

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