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Here at The Fertility Hub we pride ourselves on our partnerships with reputable healthcare providers and fertility product providers. In this shop section you will find a number of products that we believe will help you on your fertility journey. Always discuss any changes in your supplement intake with your healthcare provider.

Inofolic Alpha

The PCOS supplement for women. The unique Inofolic Alpha 3-way combination helps control:

  1. Insulin resistance, which affects 65-80% of PCOS women. This is the primary cause of increased male hormones, which negatively impact fertility.
  2. Microbes in the gut. Women with PCOS have a different balance of gut bacteria that can reduce the absorption of nutrients, including myo-inositol. Improved absorption of myo-inositol can help better control insulin levels and hormone balance.
  3. Chronic inflammation, which is a key contributor to the development of PCOS. If you have high inflammation markers it is likely that you will have higher testosterone levels.

Inofolic Alpha will:

  • Improve your ovulation rate
  • Improved the quality of oocytes
  • Improve insulin resistance
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve how your body absorbs myo-inositol
  • Rebalance your hormones.

Daily dose: 2 sachets per day. For the best chance of success, take Inofolic Alpha for at least 3 months.

£90 for 3 months supply



The fertility supplement for me and women. Impryl® comes in tablet form: it is made from activated micro-nutrients that help every cell within the human body, from the biggest eggs to the smallest sperm.

These micronutrients have been clinically proven to significantly improve live birth rates for men and women who had previously been struggling to get pregnant.

Having activated micronutrients means they are already in the form your body can use, without them needing to be converted into an active form. About 25% of all people are unable to make this conversion, although they are probably unaware of it, so this is an important factor.

The unique Impryl® formula works by delivering balanced support to your metabolism, essential to ensure it is optimal for fertility and for the healthy growth of your baby.

You will receive three distinct benefits to your health, all of which have an important influence on fertility. To learn more, click on each benefit.

  1. Bolstered natural antioxidant defences
  2. Energy support
  3. Optimised gene expression

For the best chance of success, take Impryl for at least 3 months.

£120 for 3 months supply



OvuFirst™ is targeted at women who wish to monitor their ovulation and cycles in a convenient, non-invasive way by wearing the clinically-proven sensor on the arm or wrist overnight.

OvuFirst™ confirms a woman’s fertile window with over 90% accuracy even if she has irregular cycles, making it the most accurate skin-worn sensor on the market. The OvuSense App™ then uses this information to provide women with a full 8-day fertile window at the start of their next cycle.

£99 with 2 months free subscription use code HUB30 to get a 30% discount


OvuSense OvuCore™

Trusted in over 184,000 cycles, the OvuCore™ sensor is simple to use, fitting comfortably like a tampon with easy to understand data which is visible in real time through the OvuSense App. Worn overnight, the OvuCore™ sensor takes your core body temperature at regular intervals. This data is uploaded to your smartphone to predict ovulation and most importantly track your cycle in real time.

Clinical studies prove the OvuCore™ sensor is able to predict ovulation up to 24 hours in advance on your OvuSense App, getting these predictions right 96% of the time. The OvuCore™ sensor then enables your OvuSense App to confirm ovulation with 99% accuracy, using this information to provide you with a full 8-day fertile window at the start of your next cycle.


£99 with 2 months free subscription use code HUB30 to get a 30% discount

ONLY £20 a month to continue your subscription!


OvuSense® Pro

If you’re trying to conceive and talking to a doctor or plan to see one about your fertility issues, or you’re a medical professional and want to monitor your patient’s reproductive cycles the OvuSense® Pro clinician portal is designed for you.

OvuSense® Pro allows an OvuCore™ user and their doctor to remotely access detailed reproductive cycle information through an online portal. It provides unique key analysis about cycle patterns to help medical professionals to know whether they need to carry out further tests, to time tests like blood progesterone and ultrasound, and to understand whether medications, treatment or dietary change are having the desired effect. This information is vital in helping couples gain confidence in their treatment and conceive more quickly.

£299 for 12 month subscription use code HUB30 to get a 30% discount



ExSeed 2 test kit

ExSeed uses technology you can trust to tell you your sperm volume, motility and concentration – all in the privacy of your own home uploading your sperm analysis to your smartphone!
  • >95% accuracy. Lab-grade test results from your home
  • 15-minute results. Know your sperm quality immediately
  • Improve your sperm with personalised in-app program

£74.99 use code fertilityhub_2test and get a 15% discount


ExSeed 5 test kit

£149.99 use code fertilityhub and get a 17% discount


Pearl Ovulation Kit

Stop guessing and wondering! Track FSH & LH digitally to predict your fertility and chart your hormones. The Pearl Ovulation Kit includes:

  • access to the Pearl Fertility App
  • 15 FSH (blue) tests
  • 15 LH (pink) tests
  • 2 hCG (pregnancy) tests
  • and 1 reusable test strip holder

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Sharing Seeds: A donor sperm story for Mummy, Daddy and Children

Sharing Seeds is a short illustrated book for parents and children (ages 3 and up), telling just one of the many blessed tales of much-loved children conceived via fertility treatment.