Carey Flamer-Powell


    Carey Flamer-Powell is the original founder and owner of All Families Surrogacy, LLC. An experienced gestational surrogate, Carey founded AFS in 2014 with the intention of making surrogacy accessible to all families. In October 2020, Carey sold AFS to its current owner, Wendie Wilson-Miller.

    During her six year tenure, Carey grew AFS into one of the most well known and respected surrogacy agencies in the world, winning the 2017 Better Business Bureau’s Business of the Year Torch Award for Ethics. Carey also co-founded and served as Co-President of the Oregon Surrogacy Professionals Association (OSPA), served as the LGBTQ Surrogacy Advisor for Parents Via Egg Donation (PVED), and was elected as Chairperson of the Grievance Committe for the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS). Carey is honored to have been an instrumental member of the professional surrogacy community, and to have helped so many wonderful families across the globe.