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Barbados Fertility Centre (BFC) is located in the Caribbean and considered to be a world leader in the field of reproductive medicine and listed by JCI as an elite clinic.

  • JCI accreditation
  • 67% success rate for women under 35
  • Average price for IVF: $6000 USD
  • Opened: 2002

The medical team at BFC leaves no stone unturned to determine the underlying cause for infertility and pride themselves on offering a personalized treatment plan for each individual patient.

The natural beauty of Barbados helps couples to unwind and their onsite spa ensures patients enjoy a relaxing vacation while undergoing IVF treatment.

The international medical team offer cutting edge technology and treatment methods, which result in high success rates & all at competitive pricing!

BFC also run an excellent egg recipient programme for couples that need a donor and specialise in providing Afro Caribbean eggs.

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We understand that infertility is a complex condition that can be very frustrating, but knowledge is power and we encourage you to get in touch and ask us for advice. If you need specific medical advice then we will happily put you in touch with one of our reliable healthcare partners.

Our service is free of charge, so please reach out to us today!