Endometriosis update for primary health care professionals

Dr. Juliet Skinner, Medical Director at Barbados Fertility Centre is confirmed to present on the effective management, diagnosis and treatment of Endometriosis at our upcoming Primary Care Seminar – Enhancing Your Patient’s Fertility Journey. The online study day for healthcare professionals in primary care is tailored for GPs, Trainees, Nurse Practitioners and Midwives. All of whom play a vital role in diagnosis, management and treatment for male and female patients experiencing difficulty conceiving.

The seminar is NOW available to stream!


Dr. Juliet Skinner, Medical Director, Barbados Fertility Centre.

After being awarded the Barbados scholarship, Dr. Juliet Skinner completed her undergraduate medical training at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Women’s health was always of special interest to her from early on in her training and she specialised in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Dr. Skinner worked in the Coombe Women’s Hospital and was at that time the youngest doctor to ever be appointed the position of Assistant Master of this prestigious Dublin maternity hospital. After completing her specialisation in Dublin she continued as Perinatal Research Fellow. During this time she developed and evaluated a number of ultrasound diagnostic tests both for fertility and for obstetrics. In 1999 she returned home to Barbados where she dedicated her time to expanding the medical care options to women on the island and within the Caribbean. Fertility and IVF then became the main focus of her interest.

Dr. Skinner was instrumental in developing Barbados Fertility Centre from a start up unit with the goal of becoming one of the best in the world. From the beginning the mission was to create a centre, which would maximise each and every couple’s chance of success by offering the latest technology with the best facilities, ensuring attention to every detail.

10 minutes isn’t long to investigate infertility

We are delighted to have Dr. Skinner’s insight and extensive experience of treating patients from all over the world. A 10 minute appointment is not long to understand a couple’s fertility history! However, with so many advances in reproductive medicine the aim of the study day is to update primary healthcare providers on the latest techniques and tests available with and without the need for referral.


Session One

Latest research in ovulation monitoring

Robert Milnes, CEO, Fertility Focus Ltd.

Raising awareness among female patients about their fertility

Professor Joyce Harper, Professor in Reproductive Science, University College London.

Options for sperm analysis

Professor Ralf Henkel, Chief Scientific Advisor, Logixx Fertility.

Session Two

Female factor infertility

Dr. Cesar Diaz, Medical Director, IVI London.

Male factor infertility

Professor Ralf Henkel, Chief Scientific Advisor, Logixx Fertility.

Session Three

Updates on diagnosing, managing and treating PCOS

Mr. Himanshu Borase, Lead Fertility Consultant, West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust.

The effective management, diagnosis and treatment of Endometriosis

Dr. Juliet Skinner, Medical Director, Barbados Fertility Centre.

Session Four

Road map for GPs on the referral process

Round table panel discussion with all speakers

Protecting the mental well being of infertility patients through counselling and support

Caroline Spencer, Fertility Counsellor and Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Lister Hospital, London

Seminar fee is £50 for GP’s and £35 for Nurse Practitioners, Midwives and Trainees.

Full event programme and certificate of attendance will be sent with the link to watch the presentations.

Seminar is broken down into 4 sessions so you can dip in and out as and when you have time.

Access available for 12 months!

Primary Care Seminar