Last Day – Beat Infertility Summit

The Fertility Hub is the media partner for The Beat Infertility National Virtual Summit, which has seen over 60 presentations from experts to support you on your journey to parenthood. The final 10 speakers will present today. Please see today’s schedule below and secure your FREE place here. Once registered you will have access to all the presentation from this week for 6 months.

Saturday 25 April

8am – Adoption

Laurie Goldheim, Law Offices of Laurie Goldheim

9am – Advanced Reproductive Age (Women & Men)

How maternal age effects egg quality.

Dr. Jaime Knopman, CCRM NY

10am – Travelling for IVF

How to travel safely during an IVF cycle.

Lauren Nervi, NP, RMA of New Jersey

11am – Mindfulness

How to navigate the challenges of infertility with the teachings and practices of mindfulness.

Janetti Marotta, Ph.D

12 noon – Nutrition

Between running to appointments and the stress of insurance, what we’re feeding ourselves during this process often gets overlooked. Nutrition can play an integral role in our reproductive health. This talk will be covering the core tenets of nutrition for preconception.

Cory Ruth, MS, RDN, The Women’s Dietitian

1pm – Diminished Ovarian Reserve

When to do IVF and when to choose IUI instead.

Dr. Mary Ramie Hinckley, RSC Bay Area

2pm – Preparing for Pregnancy

Now more than ever, maintaining a healthy mind and body is crucial if you’re trying to conceive. Eric will spotlight tips for how people can best prepare for pregnancy during this time.

Dr. Eric Surrey, CCRM Fertility

3pm – Repeat Implantation Failure

Despite many advances in IVF, implantation failure still occurs and when recurrent, it can be devastating. This provides an overview of diagnostic tools and treatment to optimize success.

Dr. Deirdre Conway, Utah Fertility Center

4pm – Reproductive Immunology

Reproductive failure from an immunological perspective

Dr. Youssef Derbala, Derbala Reproductive Immunology

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