Free online summit

The Fertility Hub is delighted to announce that we are media partner for this free infertility summit. Beat Infertility, an infertility podcast provider and coaching program are staging the event covering all paths to parenthood. They provide a community of support for fertility and female health.

The Beat Infertility National Virtual Summit takes place from 19 April (7.00am EST) and all you need to do to register is submit your first name and email address. This kicks off National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), which runs from 19 to 25 April 2020.

What’s on offer?

A variety of presentations from top experts addressing everything you need to know about the journey from infertility to parenthood:

  • IVF, IUI and latest advances in assisted reproduction
  • Affording treatments & financial planning
  • Fertility medications
  • Health and wellness
  • Mental health & relationships
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Secondary infertility, male infertility & unexplained infertility
  • And more!

Who’s speaking?

Beat Infertility has commissioned a host of top experts. These speakers have been selected based on their experience and excellent reputations.  You can check out the credentials of each speaker on the summit website.

How do I participate?

Simply visit the Beat Infertility National Virtual Summit at the official website. To register, even if you cannot attend live, simply submit your first name and email address. This will give you:

  • Updates as the speaking schedule is developed
  • Access to the videos as they are released during NIAW
  • Entrance to the virtual summit for 6 months after it ends.

To secure your spot at the free Beat Infertility National Virtual Summit please click here.