Free seminar on all aspects of surrogacy

Surrogacy is a viable option to build a family but can be complex to navigate for intended parents. Both heterosexual and same sex couples may need to access surrogacy services in order to have their family. As part of tour recent series The Path to Parenthood patient seminars, we mapped out the path to parenthood through surrogacy with a free seminar.

Carey Flamer-Powell

Carey was a gestational surrogate 5 years ago. She then set up her own surrogacy agency, All Families Surrogacy. Her team help couples from all over the world create their family by handling all aspects of the surrogacy journey. In this free 1-hour seminar, Carey explains the process of surrogacy, the seminar will cover:

  • Matching you with a surrogate
  • Managing the relationship with your surrogate
  • Choosing a fertility clinic
  • Legal requirements in the surrogate’s home country
  • Legal requirements in your home country

Please watch the recorded seminar below and email any questions here.