When Dreams Come True

When you are an actress, singer, model and beauty queen who was crowned Miss World you’d think that most of your dreams have already come true! But the simple desire for a child is universal and when denied, can’t be relived by attaining goals in other areas of your life.


Rosanna Davison, crowned Miss World in 2003, is the daughter of singer Chris de Burgh and an actress, TV host and even a celebrity nutritionist in her own right!

However, behind all the bright lights lay the hidden darkness of struggles with infertility. Now she has put pen to paper in the hope that it will help others facing this problem.

Rosanna, now 37, had 14 pregnancy losses before she welcomed her daughter Sophia, in 2019. Sophia arrived via gestational surrogacy, and was quickly followed by twin boys, Hugo and Oscar, in 2020.

Rosanna says she hopes her book, titled ‘When Dreams Come True: The Heartbreak and Hope on My Journey to Motherhood’, will help address some of the emotional trauma around pregnancy loss and infertility.

She said, “My aim in writing this book about our struggles with fertility, from being told I wouldn’t be able to carry my own baby, to the long and challenging surrogacy journey we undertook to have Sophia, followed by the joy of welcoming naturally conceived identical twins less than a year later, is to help normalise the conversation about infertility and pregnancy loss and to examine the stigma and silence that can still surround it. I feel that sharing my story about the frustration and loneliness we experienced will help to contribute to the growing awareness of miscarriage, an experience sadly shared by so many. I write about their birth, my C-section recovery, breastfeeding, maternal mental health, life as a working mum and how we’ve adapted to the chaos at home with three under two I also wrote it to offer hope and comfort to those of you that may deal with infertility in the future. When I was struggling to cope with my multiple miscarriages and as our treatment options were running out, I was desperate to know that fertility miracles can and do come true.”

Rosanna, who as a child had a song written about her by her famous father says she wants to write something for her own children.

“But above all, I wrote this book for Sophia, Hugo and Oscar to read in the future so that they’ll know how they came into the world, how much we longed for them and how deeply loved they are. I hope that they’ll show it to their children, and perhaps their grandchildren will one day read our story of love, loss, hope and a family dream come true.”

When Dreams Come True is available to pre-order now, ahead of its October 8 release date.