Free Online Beat Infertility Summit

The Fertility Hub is proud to be the media partner for this free infertility summit. Beat Infertility, an infertility podcast provider and coaching program are staging the event covering all paths to parenthood. They provide a community of support for fertility and female health.

The Beat Infertility National Virtual Summit kicks off at 8.00am EST, this Sunday 19 April and runs until Saturday 25 April in support of National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW). There are over 70 expert speakers to support you on your infertility journey.

Please see the full seminar schedule below and secure your FREE place here.

Sunday 19 April

8am – Adoption

Post Adoption Depression: Yes, it’s a Real Thing! Why it’s so important to be aware of the symptoms and know when to seek treatment.

Faith Donohue, MSW, LCSW


9am – Affording Treatment

What is Baby Quest? Why did it start? How can I apply for a grant and join the Baby Quest family?

Pamela Hirsch, Baby Quest Foundation

10am – Childfree

One woman’s story of saying no more treatments. A teach on courage, empathy, and how to thrive in, through and after infertility – no matter the ending you get.

Justine Froelker, JBF Therapy & Coaching LLC

11am – Choosing a clinic

Dr. Uhler will be going over several important factors every patient should consider when choosing a fertility clinic. From initial consultations to viewing success rates, she encompasses everything a patient needs to know.

Dr. Meike Uhler, Fertility Centers of Illinois

12 noon – Preimplantation Genetic Testing

Defining PGT. Reviewing the process. Discussing pros and cons and factors that should influence the decision about whether to do PGT.

Dr. Mary Ramie Hinckley, RSC Bay Area

1pm – Endometriosis

Navigating the endometriosis journey from a patient perspective; including infertility.

Tara Hilton, The Yellow Cape Inc

2pm – Environmental Toxins

Discussing a variety of environmental exposures that could potentially have adverse reproductive consequences, while dispelling myths. Sharing what is manageable and in our control when it comes to the environment.

Dr. Amber Cooper, Vios Fertility Institute

3pm – Genetic Counselling

This session will focus on providing genetic counselling via telephone. It will include a discussion of best practices for providers and tips for patients on how to best be prepared for their session.

Sheila Johal, CGC, Copper Genomics

4pm – Navigating Infertility in the Workplace

Dealing with infertility can be physically, emotionally and financially traumatic. The stress alone can affect your job performance. If you are dealing with infertility you will need all the resources and support you can get, especially from your workplace.

Peter Nieves, CCO, WIN Fertility

5pm – Male Factor Infertility

Integration of reproductive urology evaluation and treatment in the overall care of the couple struggling to conceive.

Dr. Paul Shin, Shady Grove Fertility

Monday 20 April

8am – Affording Third Party

How to receive a benefit through your surrogacy/egg donor agency and plan financially for your third-party fertility journeys with the help of highly trained, professional and specialized coaches along with online content. Once you’ve secured the finances to cover your fertility journey, choosing an escrow fund manager that will fully secure your investment while allowing you to see all of the disbursements/payments associated with your cycle in real time on a HIPAA-compliant and fully transparent platform is critical.

Denise Steele, Seed Trust & Seed Coach Fertility Financial Guidance

9am – Autoimmune Disorders

A review of autoimmune disease prevalence and the effects of common autoimmune diseases on female infertility, male infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. Options for fertility preservation as well as current recommendations for individuals with autoimmune disease planning for pregnancy will be discussed.

Dr. Ellen Hayes, Vios Fertility Institute

10am – Embryology (Embryo Optimization, Laboratory Techniques)

Sperm preparation/selection techniques (SPAR purification for HIV, gradient, Zymot, PICSI). Egg Treatments (calcium ionophore), IVF versus ICSI (fertilization, blast rate, live birth rate). Hatching and biopsy on day 3 or day 5, transfer at day 3 or day 5, freeze all versus fresh transfer. Embryo and egg vitrification. Retained embryo at transfer.

Dr. Carol Curchoe, ART Compass

11am – Fertility Awareness Checkup

The Fertility Awareness Checkup (coined by Fertility Centers of Illinois) is a check-up for both men and women that can give them important knowledge about their fertility. Dr. Rodgers tells listeners what the check-up tests are, how to read those results and for how long the test lasts.

Dr. Allison Rodgers, Fertility Centers of Illinois

12 noon – Financial Planning

Creative ways to fund your family-building journey.

Nicole Witt, MBA, The Adoption Consultancy

1pm – Gestational Surrogacy

Dr. Sheeva Talebian, CCRM NY

2pm – IUI

What is an intrauterine insemination? What steps need to be taken to prepare for an insemination cycle? How successful are they and how might it weigh in as a treatment option?

Dr. Sabrina Gerkowicz, IVFMD

3pm – Latest Advances in Reproductive Medicine

Androgen (DHEA) treatment for egg quality, DFI, ERA Testing, hCG, asprin, endometrial scratch, Lovenox Injections, freezing ovarian tissue, spindle nuclear transfer, Embryoscope and Artificial Intelligence.

Dr. Carol Lynn Curchoe, ART Compass

4pm – LGBTQ

Family Building Options for LGBTQ

Dr. Ryan Martin, Shady Grove Fertility

5pm – Yoga for Fertility

Learn the 4 key reasons why yoga is the ideal exercise for the fertility journey. Learn which yoga styles are best for fertility and how different poses are thought to affect the physical body. How to create a personal yoga practice you can stick with and use safely throughout your fertility journey. You will learn how to optimize the mind/body connection to improve how your body responds to stress.

Tamara Quinn BS RYT co-founder, Pulling Down the Moon

Tuesday 21 April

8am – Exercise During Treatment

To exercise or not to exercise while trying to conceive: reviewing the evidence and realistic tips.

Dr. Lora Shahine, Pacific Northwest Fertility

9am – Affording Treatment

Steps to affording treatment to include understanding your family-building/fertility benefit, ways to afford treatment if you are not covered and how to move forward.

Peter Nieves, CCO, WIN Fertility

10am – Donor Choice

5 important things to know before you choose a donor.

Lisa Schuman, LCSW, The Center for Family Building and RMA CT

11am – Endometriosis

Endometriosis & Infertility.

Dr. Ken Sinervo, Center for Endometriosis Care

12 noon – Fertility Medications

Dr. Uhler goes over all fertility medications, how to administer them, how much they cost, and what are the common side effects.

Dr. Meike Uhler, Fertility Centers of Illinois

1pm – Premature Ovarian Failure

Diagnosis, management and treatment of Premature Ovarian Failure.

Dr. Anish Shah, Shady Grove Fertility

2pm – Relationships (Partner, Family, Friends)

Common strategies and explanations of what makes fertility journeys challenging for each men and women.

Dr. Julie Bindeman, Integrative Therapy of Greater Washington

3pm – Sex

Sex and Fertility

Nicole Buratti, CWHC, Sex Talk with Nicole

4pm – Tracking & Understanding Your Cycle

Understanding the menstrual cycle in order to optimize your natural fertility.

Dr. Shawn Gurtcheff, Utah Fertility Center

5pm – Tubal Factor Infertility

Dr. Witt will discuss what it is, symptoms and treatment.

Dr. Barry Witt, Medical Director, WIN Fertility

6pm – Mental Health (Men)

Eli Weinstein, LMSW, ELIvation

Wednesday 22 April

8am – Donor Gametes

Cryos Egg Donors and Success of Vitrified vs. Fresh Donor Eggs.

Corey Burke, Cryos USA International Sperm & Egg Bank

9am – Exercise During First Trimester

What the evidence tells us about exercise in the first trimester. Basically, addressing fears about what people can and can’t do after becoming pregnant.

Kelly Bryant, E-RYT200, RPYT, Kelly Bryant Wellness

10am – Gestational Surrogacy

Legal issues that intended parents should know about surrogacy, including contracts, pre-birth orders and insurance coverage.

Ellen Trachman, JD, Bright Futures Families Group–New England Surrogacy, Colorado Surrogacy, Montana Surrogacy, Texas Surrogacy, Southwest Surrogacy, Pacific Northwest Surrogacy

11am – IVF

Dr. Rodgers discusses every facet of IVF from pre-IVF to what happens after the embryo is implanted. She also talks about side effects, costs and success rates.

Dr. Allison Rodgers, Fertility Centers of Illinois

12 noon – Thyroid Disorders

This talk will review common thyroid disorders such as Hashimoto’s and Grave’s and how these disorders, as well as standard hypo and hyperthyroidism, affects fertility and may contribute to pregnancy loss. We will discuss work up and treatments available for the management of thyroid disorders as well as current recommendations for pregnancy.

Dr. Roohi Jeelani, Vios Fertility Institute

1pm Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Herbs, Supplements).

Moving the Needle: Why Fertility Acupuncture Deserves the Hype

Dr. Amy Matton, DACM, L.Ac, RMA of Connecticut

2pm – Travelling for IVF

Veronica will talk about travelling cross state and cross border for cost effective and successful IVF and combining IVF with your vacation.

Veronica Montgomery, Clinic and Patient Liaison Consultant, The Fertility Hub

3pm – Unexplained Infertility

Common diagnosis with good success. A diagnosis of exclusion.

Dr. Naveed Khan, Shady Grove Fertility

4pm – Uterine Abnormalities

We will discuss the role of a detailed uterine cavity evaluation as part of a fertility work up and the implications of certain findings on pregnancy, miscarriage and abnormal bleeding. We will also briefly discuss the role for surgical management for these findings and what to expect with that.

Dr. Sabrina Gerkowicz, IVFMD

5pm – Miscarriage & Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

What we know and don’t know and what we can do about it!

Dr. Michael Homer, RSC Bay Area

6pm – Pelvic Floor

How to try to conceive when sex is painful.

Marina D. Castellanos, PT, Marina D. Castellanos PT PLLC

Thursday 23 April

8am – Health & Wellness

Dr. Hirshfeld-Cytron highlights important aspects of health and wellness in regard to fertility and how eating/not taking care of your body can negatively impact your fertility.

Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron, Fertility Centers of Illinois

9am – Affording Treatment

How to plan for and manage the costs of fertility treatment so that it is affordable, including use of insurance, personal resources, packaged services, lending and refund programs.

Dr. David Adamson, ARC Fertility

10am – Latest Advances in Reproductive Medicine

It is important in life to stay current with the latest recommendations, advances and technologies. We will review Latest Advances in Reproductive Medicine to help provide ideas for getting success in fertility treatment.

Dr. Angie Beltsos, Vios Fertility Institute

11am – LGBTQ

Biological Family Building for LGBTQ+

Dr. Mark Leondires, RMA of Connecticut/Gay Parents to Be

12 noon – Mental Health (Women & Men)

Jamie Kreiter and Dr. Cecelia Quinn, Nurture Therapy, LLC

1pm – Ovarian Aging

Critical assessment of novel technologies for improving ART outcomes in the setting of diminished ovarian reserve: mitochondrial replacement therapy, platelet rich plasma, stem cell therapy, in vitro gametogenesis.

Dr. Katherine L. Palmerola, IVFMD

2pm – Ovulatory Problems

Ovulatory problems are a leading cause of infertility. Discussion will include why confirming healthy ovulation is important when trying to conceive, current methods for doing so and treatment options if lack of ovulation or suboptimal ovulation is detected.

Dr. Amy Beckley, PhD, MFB Fertility, Inc

3pm – Pelvic Floor

How pelvic floor dysfunction affects your ability to conceive.

Kelly Bryant, E-RYT200, RPYT, Kelly Bryant Wellness

4pm – Relationships (Partner, Family, Friends)

It All Starts with You: 3 Keys to Improving Relationships with Yourself and Others During the Infertility Crisis

Dr. Maria T. Rothenburger, PhD, LPC, CHt, Miracles Happen Fertility Center

5pm – Secondary Infertility

Although similar to primary infertility, secondary infertility is unique in several ways. This will help to outline important parts of the history, workup and treatment that are unique to secondary infertility.

Dr. Deirdre Conway, Utah Fertility Center

Friday 24 April

8am – Gut Health

Did you know that gut health is central to fertility? This presentation will cover why our gut impacts fertility and strategies for optimising gut health for conception.

Dr. Cecilia Kitic, The IVF Project and Fertile Gut

9am – Navigating Infertility in the Workplace

How to ask your employer for fertility coverage. How to approach the subject with your HR/benefits team, questions to ask to better understand what’s covered.

Erin Hennessey & Amanda Lesesne, Progyny

10am – Navigating Insurance

Navigating your fertility insurance benefits can be overwhelming. This is a complicated area of insurance, but you are very much in control of it. Navigating insurance is about understanding what you have, as some of the expenses are covered under a medical program vs. a fertility program.

Peter Nieves, CCO, WIN Fertility

11am – Oncofertility

Oncofertility is an important part of the fertility journey that people often don’t talk about. Dr. Hirshfeld-Cytron parallels her expertise with a patient story and provides valuable insight into how a cancer diagnosis can derail fertility treatment or spur fertility treatment.

Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron, Fertility Centers of Illinois

12 noon – Supplements

Supplements to support egg quality

Rebecca Fett, Author of ‘It Starts with the Egg

1pm – Adoption

Understand the difference between donor eggs and adoption to make the right decision for your family.

Heidi Hayes, Donor Egg Bank USA

2pm – Baby Envy

How to deal with difficult emotions.

Amy Klein, Author of ‘The Trying Game’

3pm – Male Factor Infertility

Tentative: Consumerization of health allowing shift in burden of infertility to include equal responsibility from men.

Tom Smith, Dadi

4pm – PCOS

Things to expect, when you want to be expecting.

Dr. Michael Homer, RSC Bay Area

5pm – Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Herbs, Supplements)

Learn how acupuncture and herbal medicine can help you get and stay pregnant.

Mike Berkley, L.Ac., FABORM, The Berkley Center

Saturday 25 April

8am – Adoption

Laurie Goldheim, Law Offices of Laurie Goldheim

9am – Advanced Reproductive Age (Women & Men)

How maternal age effects egg quality.

Dr. Jaime Knopman, CCRM NY

10am – Travelling for IVF

How to travel safely during an IVF cycle.

Lauren Nervi, NP, RMA of New Jersey

11am – Mindfulness

How to navigate the challenges of infertility with the teachings and practices of mindfulness.

Janetti Marotta, Ph.D

12 noon – Nutrition

Between running to appointments and the stress of insurance, what we’re feeding ourselves during this process often gets overlooked. Nutrition can play an integral role in our reproductive health. This talk will be covering the core tenets of nutrition for preconception.

Cory Ruth, MS, RDN, The Women’s Dietitian

1pm – Diminished Ovarian Reserve

When to do IVF and when to choose IUI instead.

Dr. Mary Ramie Hinckley, RSC Bay Area

2pm – Preparing for Pregnancy

Now more than ever, maintaining a healthy mind and body is crucial if you’re trying to conceive. Eric will spotlight tips for how people can best prepare for pregnancy during this time.

Dr. Eric Surrey, CCRM Fertility

3pm – Repeat Implantation Failure

Despite many advances in IVF, implantation failure still occurs and when recurrent, it can be devastating. This provides an overview of diagnostic tools and treatment to optimize success.

Dr. Deirdre Conway, Utah Fertility Center

4pm – Reproductive Immunology

Reproductive failure from an immunological perspective

Dr. Youssef Derbala, Derbala Reproductive Immunology

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